Downhill Longboarding-Perfect choice for the adventurous

Downhill Longboarding-Perfect choice for the adventurous

Meta:  It can hardly be denied that if you are an extreme sport enthusiast, you might be attracted to Downhill Longboarding

If you are a person who loves extreme sports, you should try downhill longboarding. To do downhill longboarding, you need downhill skateboarding to launch down steep hills at very high speeds, usually reaching between 50 and 65 miles per hour with a record speed above 80 miles per hour. Therefore, downhill longboarding is considered difficult. This skill requires a great deal of courage from one person. Going down this fast on the asphalt can be fatal. In this article, we will look at all the major aspects of this process.



Downhill longboarding is similar to surfers riding the great oceans or skiers who love to conquer rugged, steep rocky mountains. Whatever they are, they always have a common goal: to live memorable moments.

However, if you choose to try downhill longboarding, you will usually go much faster than a surf or snowboarder.

The feeling you get from flying down a hill at high speed on a long table is easy to get addicted to, even though it frightens you. For some people downhill longboarding even becomes their way of life.

How to downhill longboard

Tucking is the first thing you need to know when thinking about going downhill. Say a simple cashc, you need to make yourself as small as possible to reduce wind resistance the most. It is essential to maximize your speed when you are going downhill.

Steps to downhill longboard

You need to put your right foot on the truck in front. Keep your toes facing forward

Place your back foot in the position behind the front foot. Toes are slightly bent and close to the rails

Keep your knees evenly bent about 90º, with the back knee pressed against the calf muscles

Your upper body is tilted forward and your chest pressed against your front thighs

Your arms are placed behind your back.

High-speed sliding

There is no denying that downhill longboard is an extreme sport. Free falling on the asphalt at 40mph or more can definitely lead you to the hospital!

However, you can reduce the risk significantly by taking the appropriate precautions. Let’s start with a full set of protective equipment.


You can start with a simple helmet but must be certified.187 Pro Skate is not a bad choice


You will need sturdy gloves with the UHMW / Delrin plastic clip. You should look for them at a quality brand.


When you fall, your hands and knees are the most vulnerable places. So. you should buy heavy duty gaskets. A good suggestion for you is 187 Killer cushion.

Traffic accidents

One of the biggest dangers is an oncoming car. Accidents are more likely to happen when on high-traffic hills or busy streets.

A few tips for you

  • Avoid corner exits or intersections.
  • Avoid cutting other people’s lanes, even if it means losing speed
  • Only work on roads where traffic is not allowed.
  • Please choose a clean hill section with a safe exit

In addition, you should also check your equipment regularly

  • Check and adjust bushing tightness
  • Check your truck’s bolts and latches
  • Bearing lubrication
  • Check for flat marks and overall wear of your wheels


All in all

When you Downhill Longboarding, it means you are on a risky adventure. It requires good judgment and courage. If you are fascinated by this extreme sports scene, buckle up, get on your gear and make sure you stay safe. Just be persistent, one day you can conquer it

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