Conference Theme : 

“Environment, Energy & Sustainable Development”

Main Sessions of the conference

Adaptation services
The capacity of society, cities and infrastructure to be able to adapt to climate change.

Land and Water
climate change and link it to enhanced land use and ecosystem services delivery.

Resource Efficiency
To increase resource efficiency and turn waste, including food waste and carbon dioxide (CO2), into a resource.

Developing a Bio-economy
To contribute to the transition of a bio-based economy to reduce our carbon footprint.

Greenhouse Gas Monitoring
To monitor and measure greenhouse gas to help climate change mitigation.

Making Transitions Happen
To create a low carbon culture that engages companies, communities and citizens to reduce their impact and connect globally on the climate change challenge.

Sustainable Cities & People
To move from centralized energy, waste and water utilities to decentralized, integrated systems and more sustainable transport systems.

The Built Environment
To create energy efficient low carbon new buildings and retrofit old buildings.

Disaster Management

To prepare, face, mitigate & recovery from extreme climatic events

Engineering & Technology

Key Topics

  • Adaptation and Mitigation
  • Climate change and health issues
  • Climate change and Agriculture
  • Climate Change & Water issues
  • Climate Change & Coastal Management
  • Climate Change & Infrastructure
  • Climate Change & Forestry
  • Climate change and Fisheries
  • Climate finance
  • Climate justice
  • Food and nutrition security
  • Internal & external migration & refugees
  • Community development
  • Climate Change & Civil Aviation industry
  • Climate Change & natural environment
  • Climate Change & other Industries
  • Climate Change & Environment
  • Any Other emerging issues
  • Climate Change & Technology
  • Climate Change & Sustainable development
  • Gender equity and Climate Change
  • Green Energy & products
  • Climate Change & Green products
  • Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
  • Climate Change & Women
  • Climate Change & Disaster Management

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